Please feel free to access my resume below.


Standard 1: Journalistic Perspectives

“Students understand the history, development and function of a free and independent press in the United States.”

Standard 2: Legal and Ethical Principals

Students understand and apply knowledge of legal and ethical principles related to the functioning of scholastic journalism in the United States.”

Standard 3 and 4: Student Publications and Media Writing Process

“Students discuss ideas for writing with others. They write coherent and focused stories that demonstrate well-researched information, appropriate journalistic structure and style, and a tightly reasoned flow of ideas. Students progress through stages of journalistic writing processes.”

Standard 5: Student Newspaper Production Cycles

“Students write within an established production cycle, meeting deadlines and following Associated Press style manual guidelines for consistency. Students analyze, evaluate, and critique their own work and that of others as they improve future publications or media based on feedback.”

Standard 6: Media Convergence

Students write and develop multimedia formats that mix audio, video, and data.”

Standard 7: Media Leadership and Career Development

“Students understand the organization, economics, and management of media staffs. They explore career paths and further educational opportunities in journalism.”


Standard 1

Throughout my experience as a first-year member of the HiLite, I have had many opportunities to discover the journalistic aspect of photography. By studying journalistic photos from the time period of when photography first developed, I was able to discover how journalism has progressed throughout the year, especially in the context of photography. 

Standard 2

As a photographer on the HiLite, I've gotten the opportunity to shoot many photos with a variety of individuals. With everyone that I took photos of, I made sure to ask for their permission and avoid misquoting them when interviewing them. This was in order to avoid any conflicts with misrepresentation of the subjects. 


Standard 3, 4

As a photographer working in collaboration with editors and reporters, I was able to conference with other individuals working on the same spread as me. Through extensive communication, I learned to accommodate to the needs of editors, including taking photos at certain angles in order to further the vision of page editors. 

Standard 5

During a typical HiLite production cycle, we go through a complex process before everything is finalized:

  1. First, each section has a “maestro,” in which the group pitches and brainstorms possible story ideas. After these maestros, editors assign stories, pictures, and graphics.
    • As a photographer, I attend the photography maestros and bring developed ideas to contribute to each issue. 
  2. Reporters almost immediately start gathering information, sources, research, etc., so that photographers and graphic artists can start as soon as possible.
    • When I am assigned a story, I contact my sources immediately in order to get a shoot set up. 
  3. Reporters submit their rough drafts through Snoflow, a website we use to manage all HiLite assignments.
  4. First page is when editors organize everything into spreads and see if anything is missing or needs to be redone.
  5. A week is set aside for proofreading when every member of the HiLite is assigned two spreads to proofread per session.
    • In order to maintain the validity and integrity of the HiLite, I make sure to scrutinize every element of proofreading to improve each issue. 
  6. During PDF A and B, pages are finalized.
  7. Finally, papers are sent to the printer and distributed during SRT.

Standard 6

As a photographer on the HiLite, I've utilized my camera for other mediums aside from photos. As a part of an online project, I assisted in shooting a video exemplifying the historical development of watches. Using different mediums has allowed me to learn about how certain forms of multimedia can be used in order to convey certain aspects of stories. 


Pictured below are more photos out of my portfolio - feel free to scroll through and take a look!