Hey guys! With school starting for many people, I wanted to talk a little bit about how I stay inspired during the busiest of times. I hope it helps you figure out what motivates you!


As someone still in high school, I usually have loads of homework and things to do after school. My routine tends to be pretty repetitive at times and the reality is that during the school year I don't get out and shoot as much. Most of the time my camera just gathers dust on the corner of my desk.

However, when my life gets hectic, what never fails to inspires me is... well, not exactly what the title says. Instagram is where I find my inspiration for photography but really, it's the creative photographers on Instagram that inspire me. It's motivational to see people share their work from all around the world, and it's especially inspiring to see people my age produce awesome content. I'm certain that student photographers on Instagram struggle to balance photography and school work, but seeing them produce amazing photos is a huge inspiration. 

If you are lacking motivation and want to find more talented individuals on Instagram, check out some feature accounts! These accounts are always featuring photos from people in the photography community on Instagram, and I always love seeing a variety of different styles when looking through my feed. Also, be sure to reach out to fellow creators; most often, they'll be happy to talk and share some valuable insights. I'm lucky enough to have met some amazing people through Instagram and even luckier to call those same people my friends. 

If you find yourself wanting to create new content in amidst of a busy schedule, my advice to you is this - surround yourself with inspirational people who will keep you motivated to create. Whether this means going on shoots with friends or talking with creators on Instagram, spending time with these people will keep you focused on your goals. 

Here's a random fun fact: back when I was young and naive, I told myself I would never get an Instagram because I thought it was useless. Looking back on really old Facebook status updates, I told my friends that Instagram was for people who couldn't read. Now I use Instagram nearly every day to connect with fellow photographers, gain inspiration, and share my work. Funny how things change ><

Thanks so much for reading and feel free to leave a comment down below if you enjoyed the read! I love hearing your thoughts on the blog!